Dataclasses Bug in Python Version 3.9.7

Hi Everyone,

We have just been made aware of an existing bug in Python 3.9.7, which causes a regression when using a Dataclass. This has been fixed in the next iteration of Python (3.9.8), but is still a bug in 3.9.7.

Due to this finding, the Bitfount package will no longer be supported for Python 3.9.7, but will be available on all other Python 3.8.* and 3.9.* versions.
For more details regarding this bug, here is a link to the issue on github.


Will python 3.10 support Bitfount? I have python 3.9.* but still face issues. so should I downgrade my python to 3.8.* or upgrade to 3.10?


We currently only support 3.8 or 3.9 so best would be to use the latest version of 3.9.