Reporting Bugs / Asking for Support

In order for us as developers to provide a good level of support, we need to understand the problem you are having. For this reason, we ask that all bugs are reported on the Troubleshooting page, using the template provided.

  1. Summary of your issue:
  • Short summary of the issue you are having
  1. Please give details of:
  • Bitfount version:
    • You can check this by running pip show bitfount in the terminal.
  • Python version:
    • You can check this by running python --version in your terminal.
  • Python environment:
    • Whether you are using a virtual environment, or just the system python installation.
  • OS:
    • The OS you are running Bitfount on (e.g. Windows 10, macOS version: 12.3.1, etc).
  1. What are you trying to achieve / did you expect?
  • We need to know what you were trying to do in order to be able to help you, so please try to include as much information as you can.
  1. Steps to reproduce:
  • Please provide a snippet of code or the steps you have done so far in order to get the respective error/ bug. This helps us reproduce the error and provide faster feedback or a solution.
  1. Optional: Please attach system logs / screenshots to your post
  • While we understand that some logs might contain sensitive information, and thus it is not always possible to share, we recommend to try to include the generated logs to your post. You can find how to get them here.