Welcome to the Bitfount Forum!

Hi, we’re Bitfount :wave:

Bitfount is a federated analytics and machine learning platform that makes extracting value from sensitive data easy, fast, private, and secure. We believe that society’s data superpowers are gathering dust due to a problem which is easy to describe but hard to solve: The data required to solve the world’s most pressing problems isn’t the kind that’s easily shared.

This forum is a place for people who share that belief. Here you can find a place to ask questions you have about Bitfount - from use cases and getting started to Advanced Q&A. It is also a place to get advice from and be inspired by the work others are doing to unlock the power of sensitive data. Do you have a data collaboration experience that you think would be useful for others to learn from? Are you looking for other people in your industry to find out how they solved a similar problem to yours? Find and meet others in our Community section.

Naaman and I are looking forward to getting to know you on the forum, and are excited to see what we can learn and achieve together.


CEO and Cofounder of Bitfount