Switching/logging out of accounts in jupyter notebook

As a data scientist who already ran a query and went through the authentication on my pod owner account, how can I switch to my data scientist account?

Hi jabelman.finastra, and welcome to the forum!

Just to clarify, are you saying you’ve successfully set up a pod using your pod owner account, and now want to run a query against it but from a different account (your data scientist one) and are asking how to switch to that data scientist account? You mentioned you had already run a query as a data scientist so trying to understand the precise sequence of events.

If the above is the case, I believe logging out of the Hub (www.hub.bitfount.com) and logging back in with your data scientist account should do it. Could you let me know if that achieves what you wanted?


In case you’re looking to manage multiple accounts in various python environments, there is also some documentation on how to achieve this at: Managing Multiple Bitfount Accounts | Bitfount Documentation

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No problem! Any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you, I’m not sure how I missed that